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That ending was perfect. I have russian version and it doesn't work. Yes in the butt XD. My fav squad ive had thus far and the one i used on my impossible playthrough was snap shot sniper. i love that perk. i swear ive had at least 2 snipers with snapshot in all of my squads. you just cant get better then a soldier that can keep up with your party and has a 90% chance to 1 shot most enemies. its so satisfying to use them on overwatch then flush an enemy and watch it die. good guide tho. i can see why you think squadsights so useful.

Ok? no idea who they are. Doesn't summoning a hero take the fun away from the game. Do you have other tips or even cheats for this game. They should make a second one about after the aliens invade, and we have the technology to go into space, but they are about to invade again. Kind of like Ender's Game. 15:45 we are letting the aliens have their way with us Joe can see the future. Illuminati confirmed. Yo no logro sobrevivir al juego solo hago 8 horas maximo y ya esta el proyecto avatar y termina el juego, alguien podria ayudarme a entenderlo mejor. I just got this game on PC 3 days ago. What can I say? I just finished playing. And ive come here to say 'Sorry, I didn't buy this game when I actually saw this review last year...

I like how joe's show is so 90-00'ies warms my heart. I use a scope on all my snipers so the snapshot debuff wouldn't be that terrible but I still think Squad site is infinitely more useful. Having two snipers with Squad site lay down covering fire for your advancing and scouting infantry units is very powerful. O_o I have a legit soldier that's better than some of the heroes. I'm a little sad they didn't give him the suit.