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Известный всем детям мира ежик Соник отправляется в так называемый бесконечный бег. Его ждут увлекательные приключения на самых разных локациях: полянках, морском берегу, в городе и так далее. На пути у него встретятся колечки, которые нужно собрать как можно больше. Также Соник найдет много бонусов, таких как супер бег, мега прыжок, щит и многое другое. Они помогут избежать падений, столкновений, различных ловушек. Чтобы пробежать как можно большее расстояние, нужно улучшать навыки Соника. Каждый из уровней заканчивается, когда Соник наберет достаточное количество очков или отыщет какой-либо специальный предмет.


Description: How far can the world’s fastest hedgehog run? Play as Sonic the Hedgehog as you dash, jump and spin your way across stunning 3D environments. Swipe your way over and under challenging obstacles in this fast and frenzied endless running game. Run with Sonic, the speed legend, and all his friends in his first mobile platformer of 2018! Sonic the Hedgehog and his friends are back in an action-packed runner game! Catch speed fever as you relive the Sonic legend. Run, jump, dash or fly across the road and through exciting platformer levels. Unlock new characters including Tails, Knuckles and more, each with their own unique abilities you can power up. Rush to save Sonic's universe by fighting Dr. Eggman across 4 iconic locations.

Sonic Dash Developer(s) Hardlight Publisher(s) Sega Series Sonic the Hedgehog Engine Unity [1] Platform(s) iOS Android Windows Phone (discontinued) Microsoft Windows (discontinued) arcade Release iOS WW: March 7, 2013 Android WW: November 26, 2013 Arcade WW: June 2, 2014 Microsoft Windows, Windows Phone WW: December 3, 2014 Genre(s) Endless runner, platformer Mode(s) Single-player, multiplayer Sonic Dash is an endless runner and platformer video game developed by Hardlight and published by Sega. It is the second game in the Sonic the Hedgehog series developed by Hardlight for the platform, the first being the remake of Sonic Jump in 2012. The game was released on March 7, 2013 for iOS, November 26, 2013 for Android, June 2, 2014 for Arcade and December 3, 2014 for Microsoft Windows. [2] [3] A sequel based on the Sonic Boom franchise, entitled Sonic Dash 2: Sonic Boom, was released on Android devices on July 1, 2015. [4] It was developed by Hardlight, with assistance from Sumo Digital. Sonic Dash is no longer available in Microsoft Store. [5] Gameplay [ edit] Sonic Dash is played as an endless runner, similar to the Temple Run and Rayman Jungle Run video games. [6] [7] In the game, the player directs Sonic through levels, collecting rings and avoiding obstacles and enemies. Unlike other games in the series, Sonic automatically moves forward at all times, similar to Sonic and the Secret Rings. [8] Players are able to share and compete for accomplishments such as "fastest time" or "longest distance". [9] The game features 3D graphics, primarily set in an environment based on the Seaside Hill level of Sonic Heroes. [10] Like its predecessors, rings can be collected throughout the levels or purchased via microtransactions, along with red star rings. Accumulated rings and red star rings can be used to purchase "headstart" items, upgrade characters' stats, or unlock additional playable characters. The game also retains the objective system from Sonic Jump; players will gain experience points as they complete objectives, granting a permanent score multiplier increase for each level they gain. The game features several playable characters from the Sonic universe, such as Tails, Knuckles, Shadow, Amy, Blaze, Rouge, and several others. Characters are unlocked by purchasing them with red star rings or real-world currency, or rescuing several animals from defeated enemies. New characters have continued to be added to the game via post-launch updates. The Android version of the game also features an exclusive character in the form of the Android robot. [11] On October 31, 2013, an update was released that included a boss battle against Zazz, a member of the Deadly Six from Sonic Lost World. A similar boss battle against Doctor Eggman was added in a later update. [12] To coincide with the series' 25th anniversary and in celebration of achieving 200 million downloads, an update in July 2016 added Green Hill Zone as the game's first new level. Additional levels have been added in subsequent updates. [13] Several characters from other non-Sega franchises have been added to the game as part of temporary cross-promotional events, available to unlock only during a limited time period. These include the Angry Birds characters Red, Chuck and Bomb during June 2015; [14] the Sanrio characters Hello Kitty, My Melody, Chococat and Badtz-Maru during December 2016; [15] and Pac-Man and Ms. Pac-Man in February 2018. [16] Other limited events have featured unlockable holiday-themed variants of existing characters, as well as content themed around the 2020 Sonic the Hedgehog film. [17] Development [ edit] In a November 2012 interview with UK toy trade magazine Toys 'n' Playthings, Sega of Europe employee Sissel Henno confirmed that Sega would have "several new digital titles" in 2013. [18] On February 28, 2013, the title Sonic Dash was spotted on a listing from a Linked In profile. [19] Shortly after, on March 1, 2013, Sega confirmed the game's existence, [20] with an official press release going out on March 4. [9] The game was announced to be exclusively for mobile phones, [9] with iOS being the only platform explicitly mentioned, [7] stating that it would be available on the App Store "soon". [9] On the day of the iOS release on March 7, 2013, Sega's website confirmed that Hardlight is developing an Android version of Sonic Dash, although they didn't announce the date of release. [21] However, there were issues during development, mostly on Android, because it required testing for bugs and issues before getting it released. [22] On September 19, 2013, Sega Europe stated that the Android version's release date would be announced "soon", [23] with it eventually releasing on November 26, 2013. [24] A sequel based on the Sonic Boom TV series, Sonic Dash 2: Sonic Boom, was soft-launched on Android devices in Canada on July 1, 2015. [4] Reception [ edit] Reception Aggregate score Aggregator Score Metacritic iOS: 69/100 [25] Review score Publication Score TouchArcade iOS: [26] Review aggregator Metacritic calculated a score of 69 out of 100, based on 26 reviews, labeling it as having "mixed or average reviews". [25] Destructoid gave the game a 7 out of 10, praising the game's control, finding that the "swipe"-based motions worked better than the tilt-based ones typical of the genre, but criticized the game for its repetitious nature, and in-app purchases that ranged from "not needed" to "pretty damn annoying. " [27] IGN gave the game a 6 out of 10 score, similarly praising the game's control, while criticizing the cheap level design and "pay-to-win" aspect of the game's leaderboard ranking system. [28] Eurogamer gave it the same score, noting that the game felt rushed, and that the in-app purchases felt like they were motivated by greed. [29] TouchArcade gave the game a 3. 5 out of 5 score, comparing it favorably to the special stages in Sonic the Hedgehog 2. [26] Digital Spy referred to it as "the best Sonic has played on a smartphone yet". [30] Critics were ultimately divided on the game's merits; Gamezebo lauded the game for being "the first time in 20 years that Sega has put out a Sonic game that you absolutely have to play", [31] while MacLife referred to it as a game that "fumbles the fundamentals and aggravates with heavy-handed in-app purchases. " [32] As of June 8, 2015, Sonic Dash has been downloaded over 100 million times, with an average of 14 million players every month. [33] Legacy [ edit] A sequel, Sonic Dash 2: Sonic Boom, was soft launched on Android on July 1, 2015 [34] [35] and iOS on August 18, 2015. [36] At that time, the game was only officially available in the Canada and Ireland app stores. It is affiliated with the French-American television series and separate franchise of the same name. It was made available worldwide to iOS users on October 8, 2015 and Android users on October 16, 2015. A mobile version of Sonic Forces was released in 2017. The game features similar gameplay to Sonic Dash, though it is based around competitive online multiplayer. References [ edit] ^ "Sega use Unity for Sonic! - Game Development Blog". ^ "Sonic Dash Review at DotMMO".. Retrieved 2013-03-05. ^ "Sonic Dash runs rings around other classic games". Microsoft Devices Blog. Microsoft Devices Team. 9 December 2014. Retrieved 1 August 2019. ^ a b "Sonic Dash 2: Sonic Boom soft-launched on Android [Update]". Pocket Gamer. 1 July 2015. ^ "Buy Sonic Dash". 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FANDOM watch 01:31 The Loop (Games) You may be looking for Sonic Dash Quiz. How far can the world’s fastest hedgehog run? — Description Sonic Dash  is a game title developed by Hardlight Studio and released by Sega on 7 March 2013. The title of the game was first mentioned on 26 February 2013, at company description in LinkedIn, which reveals the game being developed for iOS and Android, similarly to Hardlight's previous game, Sonic Jump. [1] On 21 February Sega removed the title from the company's description. Sonic Dash received positive to mixed reviews, praising the gameplay mechanics and beautiful graphics, but criticizing on the game's repetitiveness and frequent crashes. With over 350 million downloads worldwide, Sonic Dash has become the most downloaded Sonic game ever. [2] A sequel, entitled Sonic Dash 2: Sonic Boom, based on the Sonic Boom franchise, was released on Android on 1 July 2015. [3] Gameplay Sonic Dash is an endless runner; it is very similar to the gameplay of the Temple Run series and Subway Surfers video games. [4] [5] The player directs their selected character through never-ending 3D landscapes, moving forward at all times. To avoid obstacles in the player's path, he/she can Jump, Roll, Dodge sideways (resembling the Quick Step), and Stomp into a roll. The player can extend the duration of a roll two times. In sections where the player has to travel across large gaps, they can use the Homing Attack on several enemies to traverse it. The goal is simply to run as far as possible and gain a high-score without hitting a wall, falling off the course, or taking a hit with no Rings in possession. When Rings are collected, the Dash Meter at the bottom of the screen fills, and when it is full, the player can perform the Dash Boost, which is similar to the Sonic Boom  or Boost. The player cannot jump during a boost, though Sonic automatically blasts through obstacles. The score multiplier doubles while using the Dash. Upgrades such as "Headstart", "Magnet" and "Dash Boost" can be used and upgraded in-game. Players are able to share and compete for accomplishments such as "fastest time" or "longest distance". At the end of the track, the player reaches a set of three springs where Rings will be banked automatically. Monitors above these springs indicate where they will take the player: Totem pole – green background: Takes the player to Seaside Hill. Whale statue– deep blue background: Takes the player to Temple Zone. Anchor stuck in sand– turquoise background (formerly a sailboat– yellow background; then anchor stuck in sand– yellow background): Takes the player to Beach Zone. Two totem poles and a sunflower (formerly a checkered wall and flower; then a palm tree, totem pole, and sunflower)– blue background: Takes the player to Green Hill Zone (only after unlocking Classic Sonic). Spruce tree with snow– white background: Takes the player to Snow Mountain Zone. Gray pillars with moss– sky background: Takes the player to Sky Sanctuary Zone. Rounded orange mushroom on tree stump– lime green background (formerly tall mushrooms– violet background): Takes the player to Mushroom Hill Zone. Red twisted arrow– yellow background (formerly l oop-de-loop – orange background): Takes the player to a section with a few loop-de-loops, corkscrews, or other automated sections. Zazz Symbol– magenta background: Takes the player to a boss battle to fight Zazz. Eggman Symbol– orange background (formerly red background): Takes the player to a boss battle to fight Dr. Eggman. Bash Symbol– cyan background: Takes the player to a boss battle to fight Bash; replaces Eggman and Zazz boss fights while running as Pac-Man or Ms. Pac-Man. Red question mark– yellow background (formerly question mark in yellow circle– solid red background): Random effect; can be any of the above. When the player hits a spring, they have the opportunity to perform four tricks. The player must swipe their finger according to on-screen directions. Doing so successfully will give the player a ring boost from 10 to 100 rings. Failing in the middle of a trick sequence gives no reward. Possible trick combinations include: Left, up, right, down (← ↑ → ↓) Left, down, up, right (← ↓ ↑ →) Right, down, left, up (→ ↓ ← ↑) Right, left, up, down (→ ← ↑ ↓) Down, up, left, right (↓ ↑ ← →) Down, left, right, up (↓ ← → ↑) Jigsaw Puzzle Each day, the player has the opportunity to win prizes by collecting four puzzle pieces that make up a picture of Sonic. Doing this multiple days in a row will increase the value of the prize won. The player can do this up to five days in a row before the Daily Challenges reset back to Day 1. However, in earlier versions, the player could keep the Daily Challenge menu at Day 5+ as long as they completed the Daily Challenge daily. The prizes and their corresponding days are listed below: Prize 1: 3 Spring Bonus Boosters Prize 2: 3 Headstarts Prize 3: 500 Rings Prize 4: 5 Red Star Rings Prize 5: The player wins 3 random prizes. Missions By completing missions, the player earns XP and Gems. A new mission is replenished every three hours or by watching an ad. A mission can be swapped out by watching an ad. The player can only swap a mission every twelve hours. List of possible missions: Revive 5 times to keep running. Use Headstart 3 times. Achieve a score using a certain character. Achieve a score without losing Rings. Stay in the same lane for a certain distance. Collect 10 item boxes. Collect X Rings. Bank X Rings. Defeat 100 badniks. Defeat 20 crabmeats/spikes in one run. Defeat 3 choppers. Defeat Eggman or Zazz 3 times. Score Multiplier Upon gaining enough XP, the player's score multiplier can be increased, up to the maximum of x49. New zones can be unlocked after gaining a certain score multiplier. Events become unlocked when the player achieves a score multiplier of x10. Objects and obstacles Rings Item Boxes Random Ring Bonus Magnet Shield Red Star Rings Dash Panels Springs Spikes Bombs Totem Poles Characters Playable characters Characters are purely cosmetic, but each has different power-up stats and animal affinities. Having an animal affinity grants a 2x for that animal at the end of a run. Upgrades Each character has a unique upgrade profile, allowing the player to improve their performance during a run. There are 5 different upgrades per character, and each upgrade rewards XP for the player's score multiplier. Upgrade Description Dash Boost A high speed boost that lets you blast through obstacles X2 Multiplier Doubles any points earned Attracts nearby Rings Protects against damage Headstart Start with a Dash Boost Character Unlock Requirement Affinity Bonus Upgrade Profile Power-Up Highest level Sonic the Hedgehog Default character 12 x2 Multiplier 8 10 7 11 Knuckles the Echidna Restore Seaside Hill Zone 9 Amy Rose Restore Beach Zone Charmy Bee Restore Snow Mountain Zone Miles "Tails" Prower Restore Green Hill Zone Vector the Crocodile Restore Temple Zone Shadow the Hedgehog Restore Sky Sanctuary Zone Jet the Hawk Restore Mushroom Hill Zone None Rouge the Bat 60 Red Star Rings Cream the Rabbit 40 Red Star Rings Calendar reward Blaze the Cat Prize Wheel Silver the Hedgehog Espio the Chameleon $3. 99 USD Events Big the Cat Classic Sonic $5. 99 USD Metal Sonic Andronic the Android (Google Play version only) Event Characters Event Red Angry Birds EPIC promotion Collect 100 Angry Birds EPIC tokens (11 June 2015 - 17 June 2015) Chuck (18 June 2015 - 24 June 2015) Bomb (25 June 2015 - 1 July 2015) My Melody [6] Sanrio Event Collect 300 flowers (1 December 2016 - 7 December 2016) Chococat [6] Collect 300 fish (8 December 2016 - 14 December 2016) Badtz-Maru [6] Collect 300 XO's (15 December 2016 - 21 December 2016) Hello Kitty [6] Collect 600 bows (22 December 2016 - 31 December 2016) Pac-Man Pac-Man Event Collect 600 Pac-Man items (20 February 2018 - 26 February 2018) Ms. Pac-Man (26 February 2018 - 4 March 2018) Witch Rouge Witch Rouge Event Collect 500 Witch Rouge tokens (18 October 2019 - 24 October 2019) Vampire Shadow Vampire Shadow Event Collect 500 Vampire Shadow tokens (26 October 2019 - 31 October 2019) Elf Classic Sonic Elf Classic Sonic Event Collect 500 Elf Classic Sonic tokens (13 December 2019 - 20 December 2019) Santa Big Santa Big Event Collect 500 Santa Big tokens (20 December 2019 - 27 December 2019) Teen Sonic Teen Sonic Event Collect 500 Teen Sonic tokens (31 January 2020 - 6 February 2020) Baby Sonic Baby Sonic Event Collect 500 Baby Sonic tokens (7 February 2020 - 13 February 2020) Animals Icon Name Character Affinity Flicky Default Rocky Unlock Beach Zone Pecky Unlock Snow Mountain Zone Ricky Unlock Green Hill Zone Pocky Unlock Temple Zone Cucky Unlock Sky Sanctuary Zone Picky Unlock Mushroom Hill Zone Enemies Crabmeat: Can be defeated by jumping or rolling into them. Spikes: Must be defeated using a  Spin Dash as landing on them will hurt the player. Chopper: Jumps between large gaps. The player must tap the screen to perform consecutive Homing Attacks to continue. It is possible to destroy them with a Spin Jump during a Dash Boost. Ghosts: As part of the Pac-Man Event, Blinky, Inky, Pinky and Clyde all appear as enemies in the place of each Badnik when using Pac-Man or Ms. Pac-Man as the selected character. They do not share the properties of the Spikes. Bosses Bosses can be encountered by using their respective springs or from the Random spring. Bosses have three phases. When it first appears, he will attack the player from behind for three rounds, getting closer each time. The boss will then move ahead of the player and lay traps until retreating to the final phase. After reaching the set of springs at the end of the road, the player can attack the boss up to three times for a score bonus for each hit. Failing once will result in the boss running away. Zazz - The first boss to be added. Introduced for the Sonic Lost World promotion and was later made permanent. Zazz rides on his Moon Mech and attacks by shooting stars. While airborne from the springs, two green reticles appear, each one sweeping horizontally from right to left and vice versa. The player must tap the screen when they correspond. Dr. Eggman - Eggman rides in his Egg Mobile and attacks by shooting missiles and dropping bombs. Attacking Eggman is the same method as attacking Zazz. Bash - Boss for the Pac-Man Events and replaces Zazz and Eggman when Pac-Man or Ms. Pac-Man is the selected character. Bash attacks by spitting out invulnerable ghosts that appear similar to Blue Mode ghosts. The player attacks Bash by swiping in the indicated direction. Zones While Sonic Dash had two different Zones when first released, subsequent updates increased the number to currently seven different Zones. Each Zone will appear in a ruined state when first unlocked, and can be restored by collecting Animals and using Gems. Rebuilding a Zone will reward the player at set milestones, including the Zone's respective character. The final upgrades has three options, the last being more expensive and usually more unique. The player will begin a run in the selected Zone. Stage Ruined State Restored State Music Zone Character Necessary Resources Number Animal Gems Seaside Hill Zone Default Zone Seaside Hill ( Sonic Dash) 1 5 0 20 30 40 50 60 15 70 15/20 80 20/25 Beach Zone Reach Score Multiplier x3 100 120 140 160 25 180 40/55 95 110 125 155 170 25/35 Snow Mountain Zone Reach Score Multiplier x7 Diamond Dust Zone ( Mario & Sonic at the Sochi 2014 Olympic Winter Games) 90 150 210 240 270 115/150 215 250 285 320 70/95 310 40/50 Green Hill Zone Reach Score Multiplier x11 Green Hill Zone ( Sonic the Hedgehog) 200 300 100/135 350 400 300/400 370 420 470 180/240 520 510 Temple Zone Reach Score Multiplier x16 75 115 480 190 560 640 340/450 720 565/750 630 790 840 190/250 Sky Sanctuary Zone Reach Score Multiplier x22 Modern Sky Sanctuary ( Sonic Generations) 375 500 625 225/300 750 875 1000 1125 765 890 225 1015 1140? 970 1220 675 1290? Mushroom Hill Zone Reach Score Multiplier x28 Modern Mushroom Hill Zone ( Sonic Generations ( 3DS) 150/200 300? 400? 500? 600? 700? 800? 1240????????????? Golden Bay Zone N/A Escape from the City (Instrumental) ( Sonic Adventure 2) Boosters There are 5 different types of boosters in the game. The player can have up to 3 boosters active during each run. Original icon Updated icon Booster Spring Bonus Hitting a spring gives a score bonus that increases with every successive spring reached. Enemy Combo Each enemy combo is worth bonus points. Ring Streak Ring streaks give an additional score bonus. Final Score Bonus Your score gets an added bonus at the end of a run. (roughly 13. 043%) Golden Badnik Defeat Golden Badniks for a x6 score bonus! Development In November 2012, an interview with the UK toy trade magazine Toys 'n' Playthings, Sega of Europe employee Sissel Henno confirmed that Sega would have "several new digital titles" in 2013. [7] On 28 February 2013, the title Sonic Dash was spotted on a listing from a Linked In profile. [8] On 1 March 2013, Sega confirmed the game, [9] with an official press release going out on 4 March. [10] The game was announced to be on iOS, while as for the Android version, there were rumors that it would be ported but Hardlight Studio's Chris Southall said there might be, because it would be very diffucult to port the flexible iOS Unity 3D engine into Android, similarly to the experienced problem of porting Temple Run and its sequel. It was expected to take time before the Android version would be announced. In addition, Android development also took a long time because of newer devices requiring testing and development before getting it released. [11] On 19 September 2013, Sonic The Hedgehog's official Facebook page announced that Sonic Dash may come out on the Android "soon", possibly by the fall of 2013 [2], although Hardlight's Facebook warned players that there was a fake version that was not developed by themselves. [3] Release Sonic Dash was first released on 7 March 2013 for iOS phones with costing $1. 99 in the U. S. and £1. 49 in the UK. Since 29 March 2013, it can be downloaded for free and 26 November 2013 for the Android on Google Play (though it was later released on the Amazon App Store on March 11, 2014). At its release, the Android version was caught up with the current iOS version, having all of the features the iOS version currently has except for Game Center, whereas the Android version uses Google Play Games Services instead of Game Center. On 3 December 2014, Sonic Dash was released for Windows Phone 8 and Windows 8. 1. It has every feature of the Android and iOS versions except for recording gameplays and Google Play Games/Game Center. Sonic Dash Extreme Sonic Dash Extreme is the arcade cabinet version of the mobile phone game developed by Sega Amusements, [12] that is first shown to be available in select places in United Kingdom in May 2015. [13] The arcade version plays the same as the original albeit with only slight different gameplay elements, featuring different control schemes and having a randomized character select. Sonic Dash S On the 5 February 2014, a Japanese mobile game titled Sonic Dash S was released for iOS and Android. It is quite similar to the original game but with several differences, such as unique special abilities for each character, Chao who are able to boost skills and characters allowed to be unlocked by simply being bought with Rings. Sonic Dash S even had a small storyline. [14] Reception Sonic Dash has received mixed to positive reception, receiving an aggregated score of 69/100 from Metacritic based on 26 reviews. [15] Much of the game has been praised for its graphics and other controls. But its in-app purchases, according to Destructoid, [16] ranges from "not needed" to "pretty damn annoying. " IGN gave it a 6 out of 10, praising its gameplay and controls but criticizing its "Pay-To-Win elements" and the amount of "unavoidable deaths. " [17] According to Eurogamer, "The randomly-generated zones are filled with classic obstacles and enemies zooming towards you at an ever faster rate, and are showed off by some fantastic camerawork as Sonic zooms through long, twisting paths and loops. Rings are everywhere, which protect Sonic from a single enemy hit but not a collision, and can be ' banked ' between zones to gradually level up the hog, " although it finds "the entire game is framed and ultimately spoiled by in-app purchases, " referring to the aggressive use of in-app purchases in the game. [18] Sonic Dash has reached over 100 million downloads since August 2015, [19] making the Sonic franchise continue to break records for the SEGA Networks division. Altogether, the Sonic franchise alone has reached over 143. 5 million total downloads on mobile devices. [20] Staff Hardlight Staff: Nick Adams, Matt Allan, Neil Armstrong, Tom Anderson, Joel Atkinson, Luke Boscott, James Booth, Daniel Darnbrough, Dmitry Deryabin, Kostas Eleftheriadis, Dawid Esterhuizen, Simon Foster, David Foster, Tom Gaulton, Alastair Graham, Scott Griffiths, Yordan Gyurchev, Sebastian Livall, Neall Jones, Anthony Lewis, Lara Mazzolari, Andrew McKenzie, Louis McLaughlin, Mark Milton, Ash Morgan, Scott Orchard, Andrew Paul, Stephen Quinney, Daryl Reeves, David Rodriguez, Oleg Salyakhov, Harinder Sangha, Ryan Simpson, Richard Smith, Chris Southall, Joseph Stone, India Swift, Gordon Theobald, Neil Topham, Paul Twynholm, Ruby Urlings, Scott West, Sam Whitfield, Craig Yates Pixel Toys Staff: Francisco Llios, Rob Dutton, Tom Gleadall, Pete Hancox, Phil Irving, Holli Packwood, Hannah Payne, Alex Price, Dave Reed, Andy Wafer, Quentin Warnant, Alex Zoro, Andrian Baciuc Special Thanks: To all at SEGA, all our contractors and loyal fans. Videos Sonic Dash™ - Launch Trailer Sonic Dash - Sonic Lost World Boss Battle Trailer Sanrio X Sonic Dash! Classic Sonic Joins Sonic Dash! Sonic Dash and Pac Man crossover announcement Big update! Sonic Dash gets new characters, Zones, and features! Trivia When the game was first released, there were only four characters available; Sonic, Tails, Knuckles and Amy. In earlier versions of the game, every playable character had the same trick set as Sonic and Tails currently have. When Zazz was first introduced, the player could attack him imediately during the final phase, as the retical mechanic was added in a later update. Five global challenges with new game characters as star prizes were later added. Shadow was added on 18 July 2013 as the star prize of the first global challenge, which ended at 3 August 2013. Blaze was added on 26 September 2013 as the star prize of the second global challenge, which ended at 6 October 2013. Silver was added on 24 December 2013 as the star prize of the Christmas Festive challenge, which ended at 6 January 2014. Rouge was added on 20 February 2014 as the star prize of the fifth global challenge, which ended at 3 March 2014. Cream was added on April 24, 2014 as the star prize of the Easter Festive challenge, which ended at 5 May 2014. The third global challenge is the only global challenge to not have a new character as the star prize. Instead, the star prize was five wallpapers based off of the game Sonic Lost World. The Global Challenge menu was removed in v2. 0. One of the block obstacles uses a tile that appears to be from Labyrinth Zone. When going over to the shop, a Sonic Riders model of the Blue Star, a Red Star Ring, a promotional Sonic the Hedgehog (2006) Tails poster, and Sonic's gloves and shoes can be seen. The shop area was removed in v2. 0. The character rolls when using a Dash Panel, similar to Sonic Unleashed (Wii/PlayStation 2) and Sonic Generations. For iOS, the minimum device required to play this game at an acceptable speed is one with an Apple A5 CPU or newer (The A5 CPU is used on the iPad 2, the iPhone 4S, the fifth Generation iPod Touch and the iPad Mini). On older devices, the game is unplayable due to very low frame rate, and certain graphics are disabled, such as the coral reef seen in the water. On Android, Google Play automatically checks on the device for compatibility in order for the phone/tablet to play Sonic Dash. If any of the phones' requirements aren't succeeded, it won't be able to download Sonic Dash from Google Play. That doesn't mean that said device cannot run Sonic Dash. [21] At the game's release in March 2013, Red Star Rings were extremely rare and could not be found during gameplay. Instead, they were given three at a time to the player after completing a set of three missions and in special circumstances. Prior to the game's newer updates, the only other way to obtain them is through in-app purchases, a requirement met with much controversy. However, the Daily Challenges rewards players the chance to win five Red Star Rings on the second day, ten Red Star Rings on the fourth day, and twenty Red Star Rings on the fifth day if the player can select its prize during the quick raffle. As of recent updates, the Daily Challenges rewards players 5 Red Star Rings on the fourth day and ten Red Star Rings during the fifth day if the player gains it during the quick raffle. The Dash Panel has a design that is different from the usual red and white design. Sonic, Knuckles, Blaze, Silver, and Espio share the same running style. However, Silver's Dash is different from the other four, being more similar to Shadow's Dash. Tails, Rouge, Charmy, and Metal Sonic are the only characters who fly instead of run. Red, Chuck, and Bomb are the only characters who hop instead of run. To celebrate one million downloads, Sonic Dash had a crossover event with Angry Birds EPIC. The bosses and the Angry Birds are the only characters in the game with voice clips. The boss music for Zazz is the Deadly Six boss music from Sonic Lost World, while Eggman's and Bash's music is the theme used for Egg Hornet in Sonic Adventure. This is Espio's first time as a playable character since Sonic Rivals 2. The music that plays during the main menu/title screen is a remix of Blue Sky Zone from Sonic Jump. Additionally, this makes Sonic Dash the second game to exclusively feature remixed tracks; the first being Sonic Generations if one doesn't count the cutscene score. The character select artwork for Amy and Rouge was changed in v2. 0. During the period when the Sanrio characters were available, the Sonic the Hedgehog series held a cross-promotion in which the Sanrio characters were sold as plushes in Sonic styled costumes; My Melody as Amy, Badtz-Maru as Knuckles, Chococat as Tails, and Hello Kitty as both Sonic and Super Sonic. The amount of cartridges that was needed to unlock Classic Sonic (623) is the release date of the original Sonic the Hedgehog. Pac-Man and Ms. Pac-Man were introduced as playable characters for the celebration of the fifth anniversary for Sonic Dash. Bash was made exclusively for the game to represent the series. During the period Pac-Man and Ms. Pac-Man were available characters, the Sonic series received a level pack in the mobile version of Pac-Man as part of a cross-promotion. When using Pac-Man or Ms. Pac-Man, the sound effects of the game change to ones from the original Pac-Man and Ms. Pac-Man games. Upon Pac-Man's starting run, the music when beginning a game of the original Pac-Man game plays. For Ms. Pac-Man, the beginning jingle from her debut game will play instead. When defeating Ghosts (with or without the Dash), the sound effect when they eat the ghosts in Blue Mode in the original games is played. Collecting a Pac-Man bonus item mimics the same sound when Pac-Man and Ms. Pac-Man collect them in their original games. When using the Dash, the effects when Pac-Man and Ms. Pac-Man use a Power Pellet in their original games is heard. All the Ghosts enter into their Blue Mode states. When the character loses a run, the failure theme from the original Pac-Man game plays. Jet rides his Extreme Gear instead of running. References Languages: Deutsch Español Français Polski Русский 中文 Community content is available under CC-BY-SA unless otherwise noted.

Sonic Dash is a platform game starring Sonic. It uses similar gameplay to the now classic 'Temple Run' to produce an exciting experience that demands that you have good reflexes if you want to succeed. Everything you'd expect from a Sonic: The Hedgehog game is here: familiar-looking levels, power-ups that give you different abilities, and popular characters like Tails and Knuckles. In Sonic Dash you can even challenge your friends to matches over the Internet, thanks to online classification tables. To do so, you just play the game as you normally would, then send your score to your friends so they can try to beat it. If they do, they win - if they don't, then you've won. Sonic Dash has spectacular, colorful graphics, with fantastic character models and levels that are packed with detail. If you have a powerful device, it will run very smoothly. Sonic Dash may be a new twist on Sonic's usual role, but it's a good game, and one of the best within the 'endless runner' genre. The best free Sonic the Hedgehog Android games The fact that we're "celebrating" the 25th anniversary of Sonic the Hedgehog having first graced our screens is more a product of our nostalgia for the games of yesteryear than actual appreciation for the hedgehog's current state of affairs. Quickly spun into its own parody, just check out the official Twitter account  and savor the cringe factor. Recent official releases left much to be desired in terms of playability, giving way to multiple Sonic games on Android most of which belong to the ever popular genre of 'endless runners. ' The very nature of Sonic and all he's comes to stand for pairs extremely well with this type of gameplay. Here's our top Android Sonic spin-offs that will take you back to better days. Read more.